Content Delivery Hub –Advantages & Use Cases at a Glance

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Deliver your assets in the exact format needed.
Easier, faster and more secure than ever.


The intelligent caching strategy allows super-fast provisioning while maintaining high reliability under heavy load.

This allows you to provide all your global users with the latest data from your DAM system easily, quickly and reliably.

Hosting in Germany

Avoid the cost-intensive operation of your own servers, as well as their time-consuming maintenance. The cloud-based solution in a German data center makes data handling as easy as possible for you.

Always up-to-date

Since your DAM system acts as a „single source of truth“ CDH ensures that outdated data is not used and no unnecessary storage space is occupied.

Optimized Image Preparation

For even faster delivery, it‘s possible to specify standard conversions. This makes the transfer and delivery of data from your DAM system to CDH even faster.

Easy management

Since mangement of the assets is performed only in the DAM, only minimal maintenance is needed for the assets within CDH.

High reliability

Since CDH operates independently of the actual DAM system, assets continue to be delivered reliably even in the event of a DAM system failure.

Automatic synchronization

If a file is changed in the DAM system, all formats and metadata available in CDH are automatically updated.

Highly resilient

Server resources can be adjusted according to performance and traffic requirements, delivering consistently high performance to global users.

On-the-fly convertions

In addition to the standard conversions, CDH can generate additional formats on-the-fly, which are then cached. You save storage space since only what you actually need remains in the cache.


CDH gives you full control over your asset lifecycle via your DAM. This provides direct, consistent distribution of the most up-to-date data to all users. Outdated or incorrectly converted assets are a thing of the past. You only manage and store assets that are current and in use. It‘s the single source for all users, worldwide.

Deployment to website/CMS

Assets don‘t have to be loaded via a CMS system. Integration into websites is simple and straightforward via the respective URL parameters. Dynamic cropping parameters such as area specifications can be retrieved via the URL. These can be stored in the CDH and read out from the existing info fields. In this way, predefined sizes, formats and resolutions are provided correctly.

The conversion of the assets into the required file formats such as PNG, JPG, WebP and other formats is done automatically, without additional effort.

Export to webshops

Web stores have different format requirements for their assets, depending on the page category. Thanks to CDH, these can be provided automatically for different locations such as main page, shopping cart view or detail pages.

For example, when the assets are delivered via a merchandise management system such as a PIM or SAP, the requested formats are generated. By exporting the URLs, the original assets remain untouched, which significantly increases performance, and saves considerable storage space at the same time. If required, the original file can still be made available at any time.

Using with social media

The different social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Co., require the export of the base file in different sizes and formats. For all these activities, CDH gives you the security of always having access to up-to-date data sets and being able to ensure correct representations with little manual effort.

The one thing you need to keep in mind is that social media providers don‘t store the assets on their own servers.


When providing assets via external sharing services, you give up control over the accuracy and timeliness of your assets. For this reason, CDH allows you to deliver data directly via URL in the formats and sizes you need.

This way, you always retain control over your assets when exporting them to external sources. In addtion, this reduces both your costs and effort.


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CDH is the answer to manual export chaos, missing data and wasted storage space. The direct interface to your assets offers practical automation of standard export processes, as well as maximum security and performance.

The customized delivery of your assets in different target formats not only makes your life easier, but also gives you flexibility, speed and above all, more security when maintaitng and delivering files.

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